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  • Feel more connected to the earth with these bracelets made with semi-precious chips for a more rugged appeal. 


    Small enough to stack, some of these look great when combined, so grab a few if you'd like!


    Most bracelets are one-of-a-kind, so please be sure to check the stock for your item of choice:

    • "Solidarity" — Sodalite chips with gold accents 
    • "Amazonian" — Amazonite chips with silver-plated metal accents
    • "Tiger's Eyes" — Tiger's Eye chips with small Agate accents
    • "Aventurous"— Aventurine chips with gold accents 

    Add one to your wardrobe today!

    Stackable Semi-Precious Chip Bracelets

    • measurements: This bracelet is one size fits all up to 8.5 inch wrist

      This is a limited edition item

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