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Welcome to Pretty Poet Ink! 

My name is Afiya and I welcome to my fantastical shop where my love of crafting and wild imagination converge into treasure trinkets and bewitching baubles.

Inspiration behind each piece you see comes from one or a combination of inspirations including my background in writing and anthropology; a love of pop culture, and an overall curious nature.

All products are handmade by yours truly in my Brooklyn home and I'd love to share them with you all. My art — be it a coaster or a bracelet — is a reflection of my creativity letting loose, so they are given a lot of care and thought.

Some pieces may not make the site, so be sure to check out one-off crafts and custom bridal items on the PPI Instagram page. Feel free to request the item or a custom piece of your own through the contact page.


Please look around and shop what speaks to you!


Thank you for visiting, 

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