Welcome to Pretty Poet Ink! 

My name is Afiya and I welcome to my fantastical shop where prose, pop culture, and imagination converge into precious trinkets and bewitching baubles.

Many of my pieces are inspired by my background in writing and my love of nature, pop culture, and anthropology. These are all culminated in my three major collections: Au Naturel, Geeky Gear, and Eras of Style, respectively.

However, other pieces come from letting my creativity reign free, so you'll be sure to find a few edgy, out-the-box pieces that may fit your fancy! 

I love to do custom pieces and work with clients individually towards a piece that's entirely unique to their style, so don't be afraid to pitch a custom order my way.

All of these pieces are handmade in my small work area in my home so they are given a lot of care and thought. Please look around and shop to your heart's content!