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  • Here's your chance to feel charged from elements of the earth with these BRAND NEW one-of-a-kind semi-precious single bracelets! 


    Don't be fooled -- these beads pack a mighty punch and are made with quality semi-precious stones from across the globe! 

    Each bracelet is made with a different element, so be sure to choose the one that speaks to you:

    • "Oceanic" — made with tress moss agate varying across gradients of green, blue & white hues
    • "February's Baby" — made with amethyst beads, crystal glass accents & antique silver
    • "Sandstorm" — made with sand-colored jasper and wooden accents 


    Don't think twice  — make sure to grab one of these today!

    Semi-Precious Beaded Bracelets

    • measurements: This bracelet is one size fits all up to 8.5 inch wrist

      This is a limited edition item

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