• Inspired by characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender Legend of Korra, the following handmade pieces are meant to transport true fans into the world we've affectionately come to love: 


    • Metal Benders Necklace: The Metal Benders necklace features a metallic chain, metallic-luster quartz, and metallic glass crystals. 
    • Ba Sing Se Necklace: The Ba Sing Se Necklace, named after a major city of the show, features a pagoda-style charm with glass crystals mirroring colors of the fictitious nation. Keep a bit of the Earth Kingdom close to their heart.
    • Asami Sato Bracelet: Featuring red and metal gray crystal beads, gears, and a rhinestone charm, this bracelet encompasses the look and feel of the inventor and philanthropist (Asami Sato) behind this steampunk-themed bracelet.


    Keep this gem around your neck to flex your bending abilities!

    Legend of Korra Collection - Limited Edition



    • metal benders necklace: 29 in. around the neck; 1 in. quartz focal
    • asami sato bracelet: 7 1/2 in. around the wrist
    • ba sing see necklace: 23 in. around the neck; 3 in. focal

    This is a limited edition item.